An excellent choice by a most generous couple. Although, I never graduated from Gateway, as a
teen Gateway gave me the confidence that I could do college course work successfully. That gave me the jumpstart to have earned my four year BA degree by
age 22/twenty-two.

With a rap sheet like this why was this kid even walking the streets! Crazy! Stop handling these
teens with kid gloves. Teach them early that crime
will be met with harsh consequences.

You are spot on Mr. Dorf. Private voucher schools show the disruptive student the door and pocket the full semester cash. A GOP friend of mine told me this in a moment of candor. He knows exactly what he speaks of being an influential conservative in the community.

He should be sweet smelling when proccessed at the Racine County Jail.

Horlick Coach T. forgot to add one other great asset to the Rebel B.B. team, and that is himself. Coach T. is
a smart man. And I’ve said this for the last 5 years to
whoever would listen.

Once again a gun in the hands of a convicted felon who is not allowed to have a gun. By far too many of these thugs in serious trouble for gun violence were not allowed to have a gun in their possession to begin with. It’s maddening situation. Now we we have to support this thug with o…

Great story! Were it not for the outdoor public pool
next to Park H.S. and the swim lessons I received back in the mid 1960’s, in addition to the Boy Scouts of America (Robert S Lyle Summer Camp), and J.I. Case
H.S. in the late ‘60’s and early 70’s. I very well may have been…

Yes, a well articulated opine!

Jacob S, Thank-you for having just proven my point. And furthermore your ignorance of World History
101 is actually quite alarming. There was a Jesus of Nazareth and college or university professors of World History will verify that. So from that starting point, read your New Testamen…

More often than not I side with the DEMS , here I’d agree with Vos. Not only is there a nationwide war against the unborn, there is a nationwide hate movement against the Christian faith.

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