analyticworm, crime rate to high? taxes to high?
a school district below average... correctly spelled
crime rate TOO high... taxes TOO high... and what
school district taught you?

A classic “brain drain” story.

The city of Racine should be featured in a sequel to
Dumb and Dumber. Could anything top this for how dumb the city is?

Yes, even before the verdict was reached, I said it was crazy for this city to pay out four hundred thousand dollars. And I’m “a liberal” who even sees how ridiculous this is! This is yet another city hall illustration of incredulous stupidity on their part.
Taxpayers have every rig…

Ok, the kid gets roughed up. Let’s sort it out and move on. What’s totally insane is the city of Racine forking out 400 hundred thousand to “settle”? Just crazy!

shield, . You rant on endlessly that everything is a socialist plot. How about taking all this passion and recreating a broken down health care system that is due in large part by the free market. Not socialism. The free market. Solve that one.

shield, The Parkland, Florida school shooter was a former student. He was not allowed in the school .
And he never graduated graduated from any high-school. Get your facts straight. Also, have you considered running for the school board? Bring your passion to the varsity field. Nob…

Walker = SORE LOSER. Even a second grader understands what a sore loser is. Welcome
to the governer’s office of Wisconsin Tony Evers.
You were the WINNER. Scot Walker was the LOSER.

Leave the politics and race out of the equation shield.
Americans love their guns. How many killed? No
matter, nobody really cares! And that’s the shield

Jim, Thanks. You are simply pointing out good
journalism practices and nothing more. Why the
two other comments are so toxic? Who knows? Thanks again!