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Mad props for squabbing Mano a Mano!! Thankfully neither had a gun! Just a dust up and move on. Old school.

This is the way that every Trump deal in his entire life has gone! Trump Casino, University, Charity (which he stole from!!), etc., surprise.

Unified actually employs thousands of people, pays pensions, does business with construction, supply, bus, and food businesses. Can you comprehend how much RUSD puts into the local economy? All of this and turns out hundreds of great kids that turn into taxpayers every single year!

Can we get our money back on the pumping and piping installed for 5 million gallons of water a day to be used by foxconn? They were never going to use it, but that's what it said on the buildout order so heck! We got all the TID money in the world and it doesn't have to be paid back appar…

The gop has been spending money they don’t have since Reagan. Why stop now! Tax breaks for property owners only!!

Why is it all roads lead to Racine for u nodik!? Big chip on your shoulder. This is Mt. Pilot, Trump and Walkers dream child! Keep dreaming!

Nodik! The nra and their subsidiary gop keeps bullets and guns flowing! Robin Voss says “nothing can be done”. What’s up wit dat!?

I’ve posted on this article twice, the JT keeps updating it. I’ll paraphrase: Robin Voss our ALEC Representitive when asked what can be done about mass shootings “we can’t do anything “. Thanks Robin and the gop. So glad people like this can get guns so easily. Don’t even try gop just kee…

That title sums it up perfectly. Mt P and Racine count hope... they have no idea what’s going to happen. Signed a billion dollar deal on hope! Sheesh

In the immortal words of our duly elected WI ALEC representative, Robin Voss when asked about mass shootings said "There is nothing we can do about this" Robin is more concerned with access to guns and the NRA money than even trying. If somebody makes you mad, it seems you have every righ…

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