Stand with trump equals stand with Russia, China North Korea and turkey over our allies

whateverusay commented on Highway KR expansion funding in flux

Foxconn paying the money back? Quickly!? They’ Not paying jack back

Trump said before he was elected he couldn’t wait to show his taxes. So what’s up?

That Ron Johnson, what a joker! Takes Trump on face value!? Like when trump congratulated China on 70 years of communism?! Trump and his family continue to conduct government business on private servers and phones? Secret meetings with Putin. Tied funds that were approved by congress to i…

Wow! How low we have sunk, relying on Russia and China over our own intelligence agencies. I am sure China would only give us the truth. Like Yellow Cake Uranium!?

Trump also congratulated China on 70 years of communism! Of killing and starving their own people. Trump admires tota…

Republican Math? Did you get that information from the Russians or the Chinese? Possibly Ukraine? You better count again, Even Dave can figure your wrong.

Thanks for that insight and changing the subject, we all know it's you Dave DeGroot! Trickle down!! Wow! That was debunked decades ago. Just the other day, the income gap is reported largest in 50 years. That is what Trickle Down gets us. I'm happy for the out of towners getting so much o…

That information, like everything you know nothing about, is useless. Ask the people who lived (and I mean used to be living) downstream from three mile island if every house on that river has people who have died from cancer. The answer is yes. Chernobyl? Fukishima? These are real possib…

Your babbling, put down the coffee and cigarettes.

2.5% and inching upwards toward that $10Billion investment! and Wow! All but 2 companies awarded from out of the County! So glad we are footing the bill and doing the heavy lifting, for other areas to get the jobs! We are very altruistic.

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