What a baby - he ruins the environment to make money for big business, abuses his power and position, wasted tax payer dollars boo hoo. Working for the people, we expect and deserve more. Get out

Walker, Ryan and republicans lack of basic math is stunning. I just saw walkers Venn diagram in green bay. How on earth can you be confident in anything these republicans are selling? Trickle down doesn’t work. $28 million so people lose their jobs in AR , GM taking the money and running MAGA

whateverusay commented on Ammon: Comparing No. 41 with No. 45

One of the smartest things 41 did is not invade Iraq when the war mongers and arms dealers urged him to do so. Clinton also did not take the bait. Too bad for us and the world Bush stole the first election

Dude has got some serious cojones! If he paid, he should get to wear what he wants. This is not America, He should take a knee!

Oh my, I just saw the Venn Diagrams that Walker used in Green Bay. What an imbecile. And republicans believe and follow.

One more example of how republicans do not work for anyone but the 1%.

The driftless is a magical area, unspoiled for as long as time began. The utility companies lied to us about the need of the 2nd plant in Oak Creek because they just shut down the plant in Pleasant Prairie. Increased rates to build the new plant, and increase the rates to decommission the …

Great Job you two! Keep working hard and you can accomplish anything! Products of great public teachers and education system!

loser coming in...loser going out

why do republicans hate clean air and water?