Why the camera also help protect good cops from bad people making false claims

"Black Man Claims ‘Racist’ Treatment by Police, Cop’s Body Cam Shows He’s a Liar" http://toprightnews.com/?p=5854

You Wish does make a point about privacy and these videos being available for the world to see. Last month I witnessed an accident that ended up with someone dead. I stayed behind and reported what I saw. I don't regret that because I think it's the right thing to do. I was pretty shook up a…

Sure, there's cops that do wrong, but I think you'll find that in EVERY occupation... doctors, lawyers, teachers, bus drivers and clergy. I think this is as much for the good cops that are doing good, as much as it's for everyone else.

"look in nature for your answers"... ok, done... you're not going to like what I found. As of 1999, nearly 1,500 species, ranging from primates to gut worms, have been observed engaging in same-sex behaviors; this is well documented in about 500 species.

"It is a sacred place specially set aside whose nature does not justify those values but rather transcends them." --- Do YOU even know what you're talking about? Please explain this.

I see nothing wrong with holding events like this at a cemetery. When I pass, I want there t…

@Americanwarrior. Ah yes, the purpose of marriage is to reproduce eh? What if one man and one woman produce no children? Do you tell old people they can not marry each other? Would you be making that claim if you discovered you were sterile? Just curious.

Technically, 346.63(1)(a), the OWI statute, does not even state a minimum BAC, just that they are under the influence to a degree that makes them incapable of safely driving. That is because not everyone is impaired, to the same degree, at a .08. For instance, someone who has never had a dri…

I suppose you have some documentation to support your assertion. How many people were hurt by guns? How many were hurt by drunk drivers?

Do you REALLY think cops should just let drunk drivers walk home with zero consequences? What does that teach them? Slapping people with a huge fine…

Harsher punishments are definitely needed. Sadly, most people know that first time OWI's are a joke. In Wisconsin it's only a fine, a temporary license suspension(with immediate qualification for a work license) and possibly a ignition interlock device if you're excessivly drunk can't get th…

Technically, the constitution doesn't forbid felons, children, or mentally handicapped from possessing fully automatic machine guns either.

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