NO! WHY?!? Mount Pleasant has absolutely no common sense! JOKEConn is just taking up Beautiful space! Absolutely no need for that land?!? Only prisons have guard shacks!! United States companies do not. We should be worried about American companies employing our people and building their …

Probably the least thing we should be worried about right now.

Should be worried more about our citizens, what if we need to water, eventually!?

My water pressure has been fluctuated and down since this fiasco has been going on because of JokeConn. Local, US made companies sho…

Thank you for the photos! Nice to see the Beautiful land before it's wasted [sad]

JokeConn from the start. Good to see the knowledgeable, common sense comments. Which obviously lacks in the City and County. Too many empty and usable buildings, and it seems nobody cares about that?! …

Mt Pleasant has lacked common sense for years! Same 7 people running a Village for too long. Hoping the Attorney follows the comments & past incidents of the Board as well as the Village Hall.

What big picture.... Businesses are leaving the area! JokeConn isn't doing anything they claimed. Beautiful land a US company or multiple could & would have done more with common sense.


How about STOP giving methadone to people, legally!! Even pregnant people!? Then take the baby, put it in foster care until the parent decides to get over it, then rip the poor beautiful child from the foster care back to the addicts place.

Racine does have no commo…

Whoever is "in control" of businesses, districts, companies, seriously sadly have to get companies in these vacant too many buildings! Stop focusing on JokeConn! City residents need to shop. Not everyone has a credit card.

Look at Kenosha! Whoever runs their City knows what to do!…

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