GB knows what they’re doing. So do other teams. That’s why they only got a 6th round pick.

Thanks to tax cuts and eliminating many useless regulations.

Instead of criticizing and being negative, come up with ideas. It’s our downtown. I personally, would like to see a KwikTrip on the out skirts. Maybe Dodge and Main.

The chief is reading the state statute to you. It’s the law. Don’t like it, change it at the state level. Law Enforcement doesn’t write the laws, they don’t change the laws, they ENFORCE the laws.

Shield, not a city expense. Downtown businesses are looking in to it.

Maybe Tony Evers relates to the offenders.

Look at the economic growth in our area. Something new everyday. Everyone, including teachers are better off with a booming economy. Walker has to stay, or it will go away.

How about the guy that abandoned his dog in the field? No other options? A lot of guilt to go around. The dog was the only innocent involved.

Driving cards for illegals? That would be like registering with ICE, and letting them know where you are. Good idea. Well thought out. They could come here through legal channels and have no problems at all.

Great story! Not really.

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