True North

Big time, bug paid, UNION quarterback.
Just for the record.

Ordmm, I'm correct on both parts of that statement.

Transportation is a segregated fund. The Gov wants to borrow $350,000,000.00 through bonding with no established provision to pay it back. Perhaps that's how he racked up a personal 5 figure dept on his Sears credit card...

Elected 3x. Still blames Doyle.

Thought ACT 10 was the solution.
Instead we funnel money to the WEDC. Campaign season is over for the Gov. Now he has to sort out the mess he created.

0% and still sinking.

Says the guy who supports a governor who's asking to borrow $350,000,000.00 with no provision to pay it back. Classic.

Elected 3x in 4 years..... And now wants to borrow 350,000,000 to fix a transportation budget he is responsible for.
How you going to pay it back? Tax increase? Pffffft.

Said the party whose leading candidate (Trump) is also promising to fix absolutely everything without a single detail of how other than "I have very good people". Talk about hope and believe.....

I think there are combat veteran widows and widowers that have earned this safety net, among others.

Why don't we actively prosecute the businesses who knowingly accept food share for non-food items? Seems we could make great strides drying up the market.
But then again, they may vote republican.

If that's the case let me change my democratic stance to:
I like gerrymandering.
I think goverment workers should work for free.
Cronyism is good.

Get to work undoing evething I now stand for Scoot.

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