Ya can't hide behind the Clergy Collar if you are an illegal. Now you can go do outstanding things and serve the people of Mexico, they deserve your help.

EXACTLY my first thought about the save Lake Michigan BS job. A real investigative journalistic entity would do some digging and reveal what REALLY took place when he stepped down as mayor. With that being said, Racine does not have a real investigative journalistic entity, not even close, …

His mother is Racine Alderman M. Jones. Just a fact. Cory????????????

Why are comments not allowed for the bar shooting on 6th Street? Jeez, I just wonder.

Mini Mayor is way too good and above us peasants to move into the inner city.

Lil' Cory's Castle, AKA Racine.

Funny how he takes credit for the so called "positive" initiatives going on in the city, but he's quiet as a church mouse on this failed project. He is so entertaining, lol!

As long as we are in the "Smart City" category, none of this matters. Right lil' Cory? You are doing an outstanding job in this crime ridden city!! Thank you from the bottom of my bunghole.

Build them and fill them to capacity.

Yet lil' man is worried about fixing Monument Square and the Downtown area while this goes on every day. He's a genius!

How much did this vacation cost the taxpayers? Did his wife join him? Did his kids join him? Property taxes went through the roof and this guy is worried about giving people who CAN work yet REFUSE to work FREE internet access. The dumbing down of Racine folks, strap yourselves in, it's gonn…

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