DEBACLE! The garbage men used to collect these items for free until Yehlen wasted millions on new trucks with limited service...Yehlen created this problem and now he spins it and says this poorly planned fix/event has community support....Makes me sick!

This ruling has limited precedential value. The government is now required to have a warrant to obtain a blood draw based on a Missouri case.

Maybe the signs can highlight the real landmarks in the city of Racine --Ghettos, abandoned buildings and Urban decay... These politicians are living in denial. Why waste money on signage when there are real problems to be addressed??

These people at city hall have no shame!!!

STUPID! Why did this guy give the police permission to search when he had drugs on him? If they had to ask for permission, they couldn't legally search without it. This guy volunteered for prison.

Patricia Hansen better be careful pursuing these "so-called threats". We still have a First amendment in this country. A lot of these posts don't appear to be specific threats but rather general statements of opinion...

How about a real story about the jail's community service programs? Every summer, the Sherriff's office provides free inmate labor to the Catholic Cemetery Association. The inmates perform lawncare services at various cemeteries in the Racine area. The cemeteries are private, for profit orga…

How can this driver be "determined to be impaired' if no sobriety tests were taken? The only evidence this article mentions is running a red light???

Of course it's wrong to use the tax laws to benefit targeted groups or socially engineer. It's an income tax after all not a vehicle to control behavior. We have a surplus so the State took too much of our money. That's all of our money wether we have kids or not. How about a real rebate pr…

.11 that's barely buzzed!

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