Steve828 commented on Richards: An apology was in order

You’re right, Joe, an apology is needed. The administrators at the Covington catholic school need to apologize for sending teenaged boys to protest a pro-choice march. The Catholic Church has enough of their own issues to worry about at the moment, but they still need to have their noses in …

The people spoke loud and clear. It's amazing how most of you commenters on here didn't seem to hear about the results from last month's election.
Shame on Weidner, Glenn, Perez, Jeff Coe and Steve Smetana. This summer, they made it clear that they don't care about their constituents' op…

Awesome-- looking forward to checking this place out.

This is what we call clueless. Blind hatred. Because he has a hispanic sounding name, this is your first question? Your ignorance is frightening. I'd be happy to meet for a cup off coffee and discussion, if you are mature enough to be able to handle your beliefs being questioned.

Steve828 commented on Two men charged after drug raid

What an ignorant comment after the majority of these heroin charges the past weeks have been against whites.

there are going to be some stinky classrooms. I wonder how the kids will treat the non- dressers... Seems like there would be some bullying involved, and this would make it easier to single out.

Isn't he supposed to be dead or in jail? Back in '08 -- or was it '12 -- he said if Obama won, he'd either end up dead or in jail. Well he is still out there pissing in peoples' ears. Time to keep your word, Ted.

Reading comprehension

His parents must be proud.

His parents must be proud.

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