They don't mention that they are targeting mostly democratic voter districts.

OMG! He got caught driving without a license. You call that a criminal record. SMH

And you know for a fact he wasn't trying to be here legally? The stupid is strong in these comments.

Oh here come all the know it alls on immigration! You seriously do not have a clue on how long it can take to become legal which is no fault of the person seeking to become a US citizen. When my sister-in-law came from China it took her three years just to get a green card and didn't get …

sstarshyne commented on Park's Days commits to Tulane

So happy for you Shawty! Good choice! I am going to miss being your "Protector". I just know we will be seeing you in the NBA! Good Luck!

[sad] Another young life taken by gun violence. This young man just received his HS diploma last Thursday. Thoughts to his family and friends at this most difficult time.

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