I hope their coffee tastes better than Starbucks

Something occurred to me today. In the past, you always knew kids would be going back to school soon because you would see the bus drivers practicing their new bus routes. I didn't see any of that this year. Really....they had all summer to prepare. They had to know they weren't prepared.…

If they hired a lot of the same drivers, why are they getting lost?

Misleading headline. I read the article (a little....) just to see if he was the prostitute or not. On a different subject, it would be great if when clicking on a story, we don't have to click on it three times to get past the ads. What a mess this on-line paper is.

Ridiculous waste of taxpayer dollars. I don't know who's pushiing the roundabouts but I'm betting its the person that makes a profit with all the signs it'll create. I counted.....a roundabout creates 24? new signs which is another waste of taxpayer money. No one notices them because they…

Wow, Journal Times!!!!! I've never seen so many pictures attached to a story.

This man broke the law by sneaking in the country through the back door. I'm sorry for his daughter but he can just look in the mirror to see what caused those tears......

Activist? Why doesn't h…

If you read the article, he was very accommodating. Obviously he can't vote by phone. How would anyone know it was him.....he's being set up with a videographer.....typical lying media....if you can't out and out lie.....slant!

Wow!!!! You must've been watching a different testimony than the rest of the world did. Is your last name Nadler?

It sickens me that this is even being discussed and the possibility that there are other facilities that do that.

"Keep your friends close.....keep your enemies closer." ~ Ronald Reagan

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