You're against representative districts? Lol, you for taxation without representation, because that's what's happening in My Pleasant. Not alot of color up there, where there's a large minority area that's not represented. Maybe Hewitt wants to move to Racine St to rep his people....since…

What else is he gonna do on third shift, in a squad car?

So many ad hominem attacks, so little time. I would suggest all chiefs institute phone lock bags for all cops, at the start of their shifts so they can focus on work, instead of rjt comments

Here's your plate look up.......seems cops dont like it when folks target them. What a chunk of change for a 4A violation. lol

Meanwhile, in the unequivocally better state of CO, we raised over 1 billion dollars in tax revenue, much from out of state visits. I bet many WI residents have made their way here, so we say thank you for your money. Too bad you couldnt have it to spend on roads, infrastructure, schools,…

Pay for Play alive and well for WI Republicans! Give them cash and get that passed. Not one article on Hofeller and Vos, RJT?

Republicans love their drinking and driving.

It's a good way to get rid of their unions. Give them this, get rid of their unions.

This is true. First, if this passes, the unions should be dissolved. The unions used to do this through their own funding. They are just putting more load on the govt. No govt employee needs a union, now. We can see that. Do your job. Why do you need a bunch of goons to protect you?

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