oh boy! the cream of the crop to choose from, again....this should be interesting

maybe a 5 county sales tax increase for a couple of years could help fund

maybe these lawmakers should put on a vest and stand out there on a busy highway, plow the streets/highways, etc and get out there and do the jobs these people are doing. Maybe they'd understand then?????

Bottom line, background checks, watch lists,gun control laws, whatever, if someone wants to get a gun, they will find a way...and the solution is??????? ok-go!

people who work for the public sector don't always get raises every year either, not sure where you got that idea, and now if there is a possiblity of a raise, it is cost of living only, which is right around .7%

Will be interesting to see how she "modernizes" the court-they truly need to update the system as well as possibly having weekend hours.

[thumbup] Congrats to all that were honored!

tax breaks and/or less complicated tax codes for the rest of us would be extremely helpful-not holding my breath or anything, just saying it would be helpful

Good Luck Chief Howell!

[thumbup] totally agree one of the worst main roads in Racine

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