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THIS happened Monday???? heck why did you even print it!!! it's becoming evident that this paper refuses to inform the people!!! Another felon, with a gun...wants cops to shoot him...and smashes three cars and runs....oh also a drug dealer with a warrant for Armed robbery.... Racine is a …

YES there was illegal votes... 100 thousand that were told it was ok to vote in violation of the law as it is written!!! they will be tossed out!!

not at all...I believe what is truth and honesty win out!! 1fornone... GOOD wins in the end!! yes i believe that!!

Yes dano... allfornone.....The left is fear mongering!!!!

YES Salav.... this is true... wait till roads are snow covered..

@hajijaha Im sure it was a non packer fan marxist trying to divide Packer Land.. Like YOU would!! The Packers should also play football and stay out of the Political BS,,, Tensions would be eased if we OPENED the Country!!

No it is a VIRUS....a bio weapon delivered on us from CHINA...what you gonna do about that Invader 32none??

It cannot override state laws..!

We all bury people,... do not throw your self righteous guilt trip on people you fear mongers have done enough damage... If people put GOD first and honestly asked for his help you will get it... God is our protector he wants no fear in our lives so do not allow it...where is your faith..…

Do not go there! This is not done no matter how much the media pushes it...a massive con and attempt to say Biden is elect is what the media want all to think...Just what will happen when the Constitution is actually put the test...a test of Judges who must be JUDGES not legislators.. we …

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