You bet! Racine really needs more low and middle income apartments. Cabrini Green, anyone?

I think we should start a pool to guess how long it will be before the superintendent resigns and we're looking for a replacement. The REA has been and continues to be a negative force in Racine since it "went union" in the late 60's, and the quality of education has declined ever since.

Actually, in most cases, government needs to just get out of the way. What I see here is that both sides should have acted. If both weren't so doggone partisan, they would have joined forces to figure out how toe keep OM where it is. But, no, that would be serving the people of the state, an…

Ever since the arrival of Jim Ennis, the relationship between the REA and the district has been nothing short of venomous. It's impossible to think of the teachers as professional when they act and speak like common labor union thugs.

Isn't it ironic that the very voices who bemoan the lack of a"democratic process" are actually ensuring that a democratic process cannot take place? It almost makes one suspect that they are doing so because THEY don't want a democratic process to occur. Don't you really admire that?

So, let's see if I have this correct. There is a private sector charitable organization in Racine that is providing support to people in need, and the organization is actually able to do more than it set out to do. That's a bad thing? I guess it is a bad thing in this nation where the govern…

I have no problem with roundabouts per se. What I absolutely HATE, though, is drivers who do not know (or choose to ignore) how to drive through them. Just a reminder folks: CARS IN THE ROUNDABOUT HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY! IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU SHOULD ACCELERATE TO TRY TO SQUEEZE IN AHEA…

Please find the language in the Constitution where it is called a "right" to vote. (HINT: You won't find it because it is NOT there. It also is NOT in the Bill of Rights.)

Bottom line, friends, it is a PRIVILEGE; not a right!

And one more thing; all that garbage about…

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