Is there really that bad of a problem? I get a feeling that these so called surveys are sent out to the demographics that they want so then they can say how bad it is. I’ve lived in Racine for 30 years and have never seen a survey let alone been given an opportunity to fill a survey out I…

Did the contractor call diggers hotline????

Let’s say that we have 100 schoolbuses and only 80 drivers, please solve this problem.

Nice to hear an intersection is going to be redone. Can Racine please do the area in front of us bank when you turn south from Washington to Ohio. This is the worst intersection that is only addressed by putting cold patch asphalt in these reoccurring holes. Please for the love of god fix…

RUSD should gets their butts out from behind their corporate desks and start investing some time there. What’s it going to take to protect the kids. The sad thing is I don’t have any kids their and I’m more peed off at this incident then they are.

So I guess with the move we should expect later delivery in the winter ?

Democrats cannot get their hands into my wallet any faster with these proposals. Complain about welfare for the rich , what about welfare for people who don’t want to better themselves . What has happened to earn what you want versus give me what I want?

Evers wants to renegotiate the deal based on a gut feeling they won’t come through on the jobs. The numbers of workers is tied to incentives. The more employees the more incentives. The less employees then the less incentives. It sure would be nice to have Evers meet with the legislature …

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