How about Nicholson Wildlife Refuge? How about actually spending the funds you have stipulated for such?

Agree with Silencio; pretty bad timing.

Which is why the lame-duck session eliminated any power Evers had to do anything with the WEDC until September.

I like it! IMO truly incorporates the entire concept of smart cities/smart growth.

But at least I respect the folks I disagree with. I think that is critically thinking and smart.

I'm aware of that but thanks for sharing. Smart growth is the goal. Tech is the data collector to get there. Tech should compliment smart growth and perhaps this article is not clear enough but in my opinion it will be expensive, cumbersome to maintain, big brother and provide an additio…

Exactly - there is nothing more urgent.

EXACTLY!! Thanks for the rational, fact-based comment.

@ ordmm: a delightful response, now here's why I like to debate with you - aside from a few smarmy sentences they can be set aside for a substantive comment to reply to.
I, as you know , have been highly skeptical and downright terrified of the Fox Con project from the get go. Way to m…

@mfa: Do a little research and cultivate a little healthy skepticism. Smart cities at one time was analogous to smart-growth. It's still around, however it has been slowly morphing into "smart" technology. And who do you bet is behind that morph? I would guess tech corps. The…