Tracy and Jeff are good people - congrats to them!


All of you concerned and curious about this situation. This should be viewed. As quoted, the truth shall set you free, but it sure can be uncomfortable. This story is the last (perhaps) chapter in a corrupt cover up involving quite a few. Well, the employee whom started the whole thing go…

@ ordmm:

If there is a reset in the economy the TIDs will be a worry - they are now, a setback will make it worse. But "the devil is in the details" concept also creates a fog in the eye of the beholder. Simple basic concept affecting everyday life, but not "flashy"- which is what…


Yes, I watch Talking Racine and saw this episode. IMO though they were also remiss in failing to mention that, if this TID works like others, a loan must first occur. Then the loan must be repaid (as an aside, I think Talking Racine should focus on 1 subject per episode as th…

IMO this article does not explain the TIF correctly. Tax rates within the TIF are fixed at the time of creation. Money is borrowed thru bonds to actually fund whatever the TIF has been created for. The increase in taxes due to the expected improvements are then used to pay off the financi…

Wow. Just wow. Do you read anything other than facebook?

Are you joking? Perhaps, gasp, because it is true?

Good grief.

I'm appalled! Appalled I say!!! How dare they name it the Potawatomi name for Root! Such an abomination and insult to the original name, named such by the Miami ! This is a disgrace and an attempt to wipe history clean of the original word Kipikaoui and the tribe that were here prior to t…

Good call! Let's not forget the funding thru the IGFs!! I'd like to know how much of the current $123 per quarter for sewer charges is IGF? Helping to keep Racine alive, that is, if the funds were used responsibly and appropriately.

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