Instead of free, charge a fee for a set number of items. 1-5 items $10, 6-10 items $20, etc

People could dispose of things at a lesser cost, while the city still receives some revenue from the event.

Tortuga - that is one of the stupidest rants I've read on here.

the man's an idiot

Racine has 2 places to rent kayaks and canoes - the REC and Riverbend. Apparently this guy didn't do his research. The two times in the past 10 years that I recall people trying to make a go of renting kayaks and jet skis near Pugh's, they were unsuccessful

My first job in high school was at Lee's.
My favorite thing to eat from there is still the pizza bagel

This is stupid....oops metal detectors at Park today, leave your guns and knives at home, but tomorrow when it's not there. And what about after lunch when students return to school, are they going to scan then too?
Two detectors 1100 students- how long will that take? Will my kid ave…

unfortunately too many people don't pick up after their dogs. I say leave the rule as it is.

Mmmm.....open a restaurant

oh geesh. get over yourself, girl.

The 4 way there is totally unnecessary
it wasn't there for years and there were minimal issues. I say take it out.