Blaming racial disparity on marijuana is quite possibly the most racist thing I have read. Ever...

Wow, what poor coverage of this update.

He should do some time! Punching a police officer in the face is inexcusable.

Best wishes to a speedy recovery. And perhaps our community should be as forgiving as she is. Let justice run it's course and of wish everyone involved peace and recovery from something so traumatic.

Aaaaannnnd....$2,500 cash bond.

Thos looks like a sham. She should appeal and set the record straight. Perhaps the police department is more to blame for not fully disclosing their facts until post-prelim?

Our judicial system speaks again. That the prosecution could not bring forth an expert spelling out why this was excessive is telling!!!

Absolutely shameful to sentence these two to probation. Nielsen called this a lack of judgement. His judgement is more severely lacking. Remember this case during reelection.

So no one is coming forward with information because the sheriff enforces state laws to include drug laws. Mmmmkkkkkkkk

The true arrest statistics within this topic are still not reported correctly. RJT needs to set the records straight.