If you're going to get rid of the DA you're going to have to do it the rite way - via a recall.

This is true. Extremely poor parenting and fatherless children/single mothers are the biggest problems this country has. 77% of African American children are born to single mothers. 49% of Hispanic children are born to single mothers. 30% of Caucasian children are born to single mothers.<…

realty-bytes commented on DA details shooting in 23-page report

So you just going to copy and paste these same comments on every thread? Lol

This might be the dumbest thing I have ever read.

"I see and hear the same old argument: "California & New York will decide the results". That's what we have right now! High EC Count States get all the attention." Uhhh what? It is actually the exact opposite …

I think you've been failed more than twice in your lifetime.

Don't want to have your children separated from you? Don't try to illegally enter the United States. Pretty simple and for someone with such a simple minded thought process I would think you would be able to understand this easy concept. I guess not.

There haven’t been any capital projects because the clown mayor runs everyone out of the city with his ridiculous demands.

Is that why 30% of the fed prison population is made up of illegal aliens? For a relatively small population size they sure do frequent the prisons often. Illegal aliens are a drain on the the actual citizens that are paying taxes, they are a drain on hospitals, they are a drain on school…

found the harley owning boomer!

bUt iLLeGalS dO jOBs AmERicaNS wOn’t dO

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