Merit works! 100% achieved on their own effort... Congrats.

The only group this makes sense for us welfare recipients... Sorry about your luck xx I'm not paying for it anymore.

A new plan will include this. Communist death panels are actually what cuts elderly claims off when it comes to socialized medicine... this plan is actually a disaster. My rates went from 450 to 1300 with an 8000 deductable instead of 2500 just to try and manage a premium. What is good about this?

You don't remember Doyle? Corrupt was a Montreal of his... You people play dirty. You are now upset with us putting our fit down? Look at Illinois... We are avoiding that now. You want a welfare state, we can see that. Good luck.

Look what Norm said. That is accurate. Do you even think before your post your knee jerk1 responses? The names etc. You invalidate yourself even before we attempt to understand your angry positions...

That's it exactly. The whining hypocrisy is uncanny.

Obviously kidding right?

Ya. Destabilizing. Give one example... Like the dark night have millions of guns to terrorist groups? You should consider not talking until you can figure out a way to not attempt to follow only narratives on your posts.

Corruption has a definition. What's corrupt? Was the recall corrupt? But you thought he deserved that. This is a legal move. Take your own medicine...