Check out her facebook page...likes an article titled "white people are broken". She is scum of the earth and hopefully she's gone as well.

This is GREAT news! Joan is your standard liberal anti-male feminist, and with that goes every other liberal ideology.

Probably actual job skills, actual education, competence, etc... all the things you have totally failed at

"educated person" LMAO. 99% of the horde at the border is dimwitted and desperate, not people we want for citizens

You have 0 pts, as in, 0 jobs skills, 0 education, 0 value to society

Evers is a weak limp wristed liberal who caters to identity politics. He's scum of the earth and has no redeeming values, physically, intellectually, or of character.

I like watching a clueless poet and a greedy outspoken homeowner show the world just how little of it they understand

He isn't getting paid that much personally. The company he works for takes a chunk of that 240k.

So the fact that he's a veteran has NOTHING to do with his disability. By merging the two he is diminishing veterans who might not have the same victimhood mentality.

Rather than blindly blame sexism perhaps there are other market factors at play. Blindly suing for sexism, ageism, racism, or any other ism is good way to destroy that sport or organization. They might all be out of paychecks.

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