Another case of Racine's elected officials doing the wrong thing! I never hear this kind of reluctance or reasoning when it comes to pissing away hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax dollars on "studies" rooted in personal ax grinding. Will the socialist regime do everything in …

Sounds like we need a $100k study on the subject!

Dont put yourself in the place of being potentially being shot by the police or anyone else. That would take some personal responsibility......not the most popular concept today.

If your already breaking the law why would obeying traffic laws be important?


I see the basement dwellers are out already. Get a job, you bum!

How much more "affordable" housing can we take? Seriously! These developments do little more than funnel profits into the developers pockets. Downtown Racine is entrenched with subsidized housing which kills economic development in the area.

RacineBizGuy commented on Dilapidated Park Theatre could be razed

I cannot believe that Apple has been allowed to get this far. It's textbook slumlord activity. Collecting rent, not repairing property, not paying taxes....

Cool, my big pants. Have fun paying for the upgraded water system to Foxconn.....and I look forward to ending this intergovernmental water deal as soon as it is legally possible. It will force the bumpkins to humble themselves a bit.

How about Mt Pleasant giving the city of Racine some land n exchange for the concessions? I would love to see the southside of Racine aneexed to the city so we can get to work on improving the impoverished areas and developing some of the old industrial properties.

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