This is a ridiculous statement which clarifies your lack of the facts.

Once again a repeat of your comments which prove your ignorance of the case and the situation that you were not involved.

What a comment to make from someone who was not there to go through the experience that Sgt Giese had to in order to disarm a fugitive combatant who was armed, dangerous, and attempting to do physical harm to him.

How many times are you going to repeat these same comments which indicate your lack of knowledge of the case, the event and the facts. Were you there when this event occurred?

Your comments are unbelievable and lack the understanding of what is happening politically in this state regarding jobs in Racine. All one has to do is to take a look at the tax and spend policies of the Evers and Mason and you can readily see why more jobs have not been created in Racine…

Written by an authentic “whackadoodle” socialist who is determined to destroy our great country! What other illegal and corrupt behavior are you willing to support?

The only ID needed is called a Green Card!

Interesting how Lieffring has to use the phrase “people of color” in her article. This appears to be racist statement.

Blame Walker??? How idiotic can you be? Very few companies in the private sector still pay health care and pension benefits for their employees. Whose pension and whose pension is it? Public sector employees should be more than willing to pay a larger share of their health care and pensio…

You may be correct, however, since the JT has not reported any dollar amount, one can only conclude that the $1.2 million dollars is an increase.

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