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Peg Fisher

Only "56 riders" means 56 jobs are potentially at risk if the riders do not have other options. Sad stuff. Talk with the folks involved with Foxconn and folks with their own individual business plans as a result of the Foxconn deal.

Oh, the memories of downtown Manhattan and San Francisco and Houston and Chicago and ... -- can't wait for this in Racine. Is it really really true?

Definitely make a yes vote contingent on a binding referendum. A yes vote affects every taxpayer big time, as if our taxes aren't high enough now.

Is it true in Racine that people and businesses can get away with NOT paying their property taxes for years and when a buyer comes along that buyer must first pay off all those back taxes? Didn't that happen with the Azarian properties now called Machinery Row? Isn't it true an alderman ha…

I wonder what the result would be if every one in Racine voted on this? I too agree we should get rid of the City Administrator and retain a full time Mayor.

Thanks to everyone who donated last Saturday to the Salvation Army and a very special thank you to Fisk Johnson -- what a wonderful gift from you and a great way to help build more recognition for the importance of the Red Kettle campaign.

Thank you Dan and Ray for this inspirational event. This was my first of hopefully many years to join THE best of all community activities. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Pegsie commented on Mason vetoes arena funding

Thanks, Cory! Now maybe folks will believe you. And, it is up to US to contact our aldermen if they oppose Cory's action to get them to STOP their madness. As ordmm says, move that Arena out near I-94 and within Foxconn range and it's a whole other issue -- then even I would vote for the …

Pegsie commented on Gardener finds new home

Hi Mark -- haven't seen you since the F&C guys stayed at your digs. I'm in awe and so very delighted to know you are back to your awesome garden! It just doesn't get any better than that. Peg

Again, WHO is on the advisory committee? Folks I talk with say they are AGAINST the event center so Wiser's remarks come as a shock to me and many others! Please, list the advisory committee names.

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