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Patrick Leary

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As I said in the story, the Council couldn't have set the election date last night because they cannot do so until the mayor resigns. They have no control over when the mayor resigns. They could only tentatively schedule it, but it would only take effect if the mayor stepped down.

I don't understand your comment. The days they missed the completion date for 2015 and 2016 are included. They paid late fees to the city, but the city is asking for them to stop bidding, so they're not asking for that addedrevenue stream to continue, citing the inconvenience to residents. I…

Per the city ordinance, sec. 46-28 "Bids shall be required for every purchase of materials, supplies, equipment or contractual services other than professional services, the estimated cost of which exceeds $25,000.00." This was a professional services contract, so that rule does not apply.

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