...bragatti--Yeah since Stormy now owes $300,000 to Trump's lawyers am sure she might be looking for honest work. The dollar bills you "contributed" sure ain't gonna cut it.

@salav...Regarding your lengthy analysis which I have to admit I only skimmed. What I know is this---The U.S. and China are the world's largest economies--and both rely on each others markets in a big way. While it's somewhat interesting to speculate about economic goings on it probably…

....pretty much describes the history of Racine's mayors...losers.

"he followed a robust schedule intended in part to test his stamina"------LMAO Almost kind of like the guy, honest, but the new breed of far left Democrats ain't no way going to let him run----they will destroy his reputation.

Last couple of days have been pretty rough for Creepy Tony and Bathhouse Barry. Gheez...Barry's legacy down the drain and Tony's gone before he even has a legacy. LMAO

In order to win the last election Democrats guaranteed the voters coverage for pre-existing conditions. It was the foundation of Creepy Tony's campaign. Guess once again Democrats promise much but deliver nothing. 2020 election cycle is coming---Pres. Trump and Republicans will deliver.

Rumors have it the....new....guy....will.....be....Scott Walker.

"hate clean air and water"-----Let's start small.....Why does Racine (city) dump human waste into it's source of drinking water Lake Michigan? Gosh 'usay'....please clean up that steaming hot mess you call home.

"I call on manufacturers all over the Midwest"----So 'usay' what is the price of a used pallet these days?

....It's "Huawei"....Not "Hanwei". It's a huge company and Pres. Trump is dealing with them unlike the pallet loads of cash to Iran shipping poor excuse for a President Barry Obama. But since you state Huawei and Foxconn "don't do well" whatever that me…