“The depravity of man is at once the most empirically verifiable reality but at the same time the most intellectually resisted fact”. -Malcom Mugridge

Please, please stay in Minnesota, land of 10,000,000 kooks.

Same old same old granny. Name calling, hyperbole, exaggeration and empty logic. I am successful, educated, responsible and an independent thinker. Your arguments are almost always illogical, emotional, irrational and simple. Says quite a bit about you. I am beginning to equate granny grits …

I assume Ms. Marx that you are just as ardent an advocate for human life and pre born humans that are killed in their mothers wombs. Human beings have souls, animals do not. I am an animal and mature lover but human life is exponentially more precious !! Where do you stand on this Madame?

Normal?? Really? Define normal, and while you’re at it, define abnormal. When you’re done with that, define depravity and deviant while you’re at it.

Perhaps sir, you should visit a few “dogmatic” schools and then the public schools. You will notice a stark contrast in behaviors and culture. I am not sure that would address your narrow minded bigotry, however. Your visits should also bring to light the “dogma” that is taught in public sch…

If anyone would recognize the lack of formal education sir, you would.

norsman16 commented on Morris: Mitt Romney is a hater

Romney is not our President, President Trump is. That’s a fact! Dude!

Your question speaks volumes granny. Some of us don’t want or need the government to do anything for us. You see, government does not do a anything for us without cost. Nothing is free. Your mentality is typical of the progressive socialists, to have government take care of us. How is Madura…

So Ms. Haley, baed on your concerns and comments, you will be voting to re elect our great President then. I might also ask why there is no concern about false FISA warrants and government weaponizing itself. against its citizens. Selective moral outrage is so...well, phony. Learn to think …

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