Think about people who cannot afford a car or who have lost their license. Our bike trails do not get you to work, school, the doctor's office, the grocery store, etc. They are designed for recreational riding, not transportation needs.

I am not surprised by your generalizations. Shall I start with generalizations about motorists? By law streets and road are for bicyclists as well as for motor vehicles.

I ride in the city, too. We are afforded the right to ride on streets which means we must obey traffic laws. Cyclists like you who "blow lights" all the time are irresponsible and are part of what angers some motorists about cyclists. Why brag about that?

Bicyclists over the age of 12 are NOT allowed to ride on sidewalks. The bike master plan identifies the problem intersections. I am not positive about your assertions about the laws and impaired cyclists. There are regrettably a number of cases of distracted drivers who were not held accoun…

My guess is that as was done when I worked there if there is a bad weather forecast then the news deadlines (for getting stories and pictures in the next day's edition) will be moved up much earlier. On a daily basis we can expect much earlier news deadlines because they have to allow for t…

The ice rink: It needed an estimated $300,000 worth of repairs because of problems with the chilling system. The county board had a partnership with a non-profit to build a two-sheet ice rink in Pritchard Park in the early 2000s. Several feasibility studies said it was a sound business plan.…

They know it is a wonderful building but they have many artifacts in storage that cannot be exhibited because the building is so compact. It is also not handicap accessible and cannot be retrofitted.

What organization is the sponsor and beneficiary? The Racine Heritage Museum should be part of this program!

Who goes? Read the story again for attendance figures. And why not go yourself to see what the attraction is for many school groups and adults? It seems that you have not seen the museum for yourself.

Your screen name is Prairie School. Are you affiliated? Tuition money ... their admission fee, if you will... is not enough to sustain it. they also fund raise.

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