Good for him. He's a great brother and his Pops is a great man too.

There was outrage when it occurred years ago. Go back into your rabbit hole idiot. If you, as a white dummy, don't comprehend the reason for BLM then stop commenting on why it moves as it does. It's about combatting white supremacists and their systemic behavior towards Black people in space…

Regardless to you being a big fan of justice and these kids being out of control, he's a peace officer, not a beat officer. I don't think any cop should be beating or hitting a kid over some resisting. Obviously, the kid never had any so called lean so this incident was all for nothing and t…

Mob talk. You sound like we live in a tyrannical society. Idiot

Just sad.

Ur comment is not relevant

Ur lies and conjectures are rather telling. No cop should be given special treatment once they're charged with a crime just like anyone with money BUT they are and they're always normally white. The RPD went 10 days suppressing this story and are probably pissed it was leaked. Typical BlueWall bs.

Ur deflecting. This is all about Stulo.


White men always live to see another day. A brother would have been swiss cheese