And Obama is a smoker!! But he won't ever have to worry about being medically covered under his own Obamacare Act, just like the democrats in Congress who passed this garbage Act.

Gimme, gimme, gimme. I just can't stop spending. Maybe they should have a Spenders Anonymous for these politicians who just can't keep costs within their means to pay those costs. Dickert, show your serious about spending cuts, before running to Madison with your hands out.

Not much to do in the slammer.

Lionhear commented on Racine tax rate rises 12 percent

Yes, Iraq would be so much better off in only Saddam, the butcher of his own people, was still calling the shots.

Lionhear commented on Racine tax rate rises 12 percent

Hey Racine, keep ramming thru public employee union contracts to beat Act 10 before it's declared constitutional. And then wonder why you have your taxes raised. You'll get it eventually, or not. Racine municipal government is crooked.

The whole world sees Obama for what he is; an incompetent president with an ignorant cult of personality following. The ignorance of Obama's supporters in history, economics, foreign policy, and constitutional law, to name a few, is stunning to the rest of the world. Read foreign newspapers …

You're so brain-washed you're beyond hope.

Kay--of course politics is a team sport, you tool!

Ditto that, Bucket.

Photo voter ID is a good idea, and common sense tells one it is the way to go in the future.

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