What ever happened to the Parks supervisor that took the Kraut fest money? Did he get away with it?

So you tore down houses to put up new housing? Very sad

This deal was going down way before the new governor. It has been a bad deal all around. Even Kenosha said they didn’t want any part in the plan as they said it would fail before it even started.

This is a crazy story. I wish we had a fresh thyme in Racine. I love that store. Wild Root has had issues since the start

That is insane. Just say no.

How many residents lost their homes forcing them out of Racine County

This has been going on for almost 20 years. I wish them the best of luck and hope this company finally takes off

Lighthouse commented on Engine testing causes loud noise

The gateway at the kenosha airport has a sound proof booth for their Diesel engine testing. Maybe contact them and rent the space

Wow, what did you just teach your child. So sad. No wonder why children feel so entitled these days

I agree, if you want to go to private school you should pay for it or apply for their scholarship. They should be fundraising on their own. The teachers should also be required to have a teacher license.

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