Why should an animal like this ever get out of jail? Someone that would keep beating a person isn't human and animals belong in cages. Soon we will hear he is poor, jobless and don't understand english so he need a break

jtreader first we should live in a gun free world then if we 2-3 guns what's the big deal about waiting. Did you wake up and realize we will never be in a gun free world to much evil.

jtreader where is this never never land where guns are not needed. Wake up your dream is over. It is not law abiding citizens you need to worry about. It is the low life thugs that don't care what the law says. But I do not object to a 3 day wait either, it's not that long and might give som…

Cut fire and police? Glad I don't live near you. Pee on the fire and phone a friend when in trouble. You are a assclown

So where are bozo, K IQ9 and flowerpothead now they are here to name accusations about Walker's and the Republicans and now it is a Democrat charged. Do you want some salt for you crow.

flowerpothead walmart just gave it's employees a raise.

DR Obama never released his college transcript. I wonder why.

I don't live in Racine so it doesn't bother me either way but if Dickerson wins again will you cry baby conspiracy theory wack jobs shout up! Because either more people wanted him or you did not do a good job getting those that oppose him of their butt to vote. Either way if he wins it is th…

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