And when they feel the need Milwaukee and Racine dumps miliions upon millions of gallons of sewage into Lake Michigan. Might want to fix that first.

“There are 41,000 people just in the two zip codes (closest to Julian Thomas) that would be eligible for these services, so we know the need is substantial.” Based on the population of Racine that's 50% of the population and that is just part of the city. 41,000---And the Dem Libs of Raci…

"her"? Wow morbidly obese with a ratz nest on her head wearing safety glasses. Stunning.

Greta, Tip, and Bob, ( Bob put the buffet plate down for a minute) and watch Speaker Robin Vos, and Sen Van Wanggaard to see how adults get things done. And glad to see Mason finally exhibiting some non-partisan politics to get an important project over the finish line. As always--Vos and…

Whoa.......Don't want to get in their way headed to the buffet line.

The Capitol Clown believes in forgiveness. Hopefully instead you will urge people to pay their property taxes if you know what I mean.

....Just stick with the Clinton Haiti and Brazil thing. That will be enough. You will be found to be quite correct. Starting to sound like an extradition situation which the current President would have to approve.

Does she make it around under her own power? Reinforced office chair? Kringle you say---who pays for it?

Property taxes. Very important especially to those who value funding for schools and vital services. How awkward for Evers and his #2 guy......"Milwaukee treasurer's office records show Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes is delinquent on property taxes.".......(Barnes) said that he's paying the deli…

"the rules are the rules." Yeah sure we know that works in debates. Which offers up the many sets of debate questions will at least on of the moderators print up and who will she give it to?

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