She represents the far left - She is an idiot.

Normal is what you were born with between your legs. Now get over it. God is watching. Such a bill should never even hit the floor for a vote.

Wow. Why didn't I think of that?

I cannot believe this. A vigil for breaking the law. We can no longer afford as a nation whose culture and economy have been stripped away for so long to allow any more illegals in!

Let's face it - Warren, Sanders, Biden and the bunch are all out there. They haven't got a chance.

Get over it. Only old people read comics, and they are a dying bread. The millennials do not read comics or anything. Comics are the way of dial phones, 45 records, and brylcream.

You have got to be dreaming. This is Racine. Build it and they will come? Not.

I'm sorry but it is just wrong. You were born with what God had given you.

Sorry, I will stick to pizza.

The city taxes are already over the edge. And if we get a Bernie, Biden, or Warren, our federal taxes will be way over the edge.

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