It's called the administrative shuffle. RUSD has some 23 or so plants. They think that their administrators can be the boss at any of their plants. While each plant (school) is unique and different, so should the administrator fit that plant. They still have no clue.

Sorry, it is wrong. the LGBTQ flag does not belong on a state capital building. Endorse gays? Are you kidding? Why not a Harley Davidson flag? Why not a NAACP flag?

Pit bulls - they must go.

While it was cruel and unacceptable, these geese have been growing in number everywhere. They need not migrate to the south as people feed them and they have adapted. We do need to control their growth. They are vermin. Rats with wings.

Sorry, but God put that baby there. You play with God? God also put what you were born with between your legs. You play with God? I dunno but for sure things are not as they were or as they should be.

layedback commented on Sobota: Impeaching Donald Trump

OMG. I cannot believe this. Are you really serious Drew? You need help. Trump will be your president till 2024 so get used to it or move to Canada. He has done nothing even close to Clinton or Nixon. Let's focus on Hillary's law breaking activities.

I suppose you will be voting for Pete Butt man. A Christian you must not be then. Or maybe Sleepy Joe. Don't even think about Elizabeth W. Face it. Out of the 23 candidates you have in your party, not one is worthy of the office. Not one. Trump may be a pompous, pretentious, presumptuous,…

layedback commented on Johnson: So many questions


Rant and rave all you want. Trump will be re-elected. Sorry Nancy and Chuck - your party has gotten way out of hand.

Haven't you figured it out? Trump does what Trump wants because he can. Go Trump.

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