Wow. Way to take a great story about a brave young girl and turn it into a bashing to the principal. Maybe she didn't say the "right" thing. I do think it should be a wake up for RUSD to consider first aid training. It certainly can't hurt. And as for the nurse.. Seriously people? …

Cannot believe it took this long.

If only the administrators were competent and qualified to make those hiring decisions. It seems as though many are not.

Very cool! Congratulations

I believe Hargrove's children are grown and they attended St. Cat's. I don't think it's a far stretch for a Pastor to send their child to a Christian school.

There is another organization that also collects duffle bags with essentials for children being put into foster care in Racine too. Sounds like there is quite the need. Thank you for your work. These children have been blessed by your work

Glad they clarified about the Badger John Clay. At first I was worried it was his father.

Way to insult a teenager "you wish". As if teenagers aren't under enough pressure.

Such unnecessary negativity. The Johnson's obviously have an abundance of money. Spending it on local children's academic development is a wonderful idea. Thank you SCJ!

Amazing dresses. Good luck to her. She certainly has talent.

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