Justplainfedup commented on Radke: Foxconn ozone air pollution

Yes Harvey, you are missing something, your brain. To believe the EPA would allow pollutants into the air is crazy.

Hey Mike, do your job and research better before putting out such garbage. Go read the Milwaukee JS to get the real story. Idiot!

Typical liberals. You buffoons believe what garbage the Jurnal Times writes? The idiots at the JT misinterpreted the notice that BonTon provided to the state. Typical JT.

Great, another former employee on the board. Hopefully she has the kids best interest at heart and not just her former co-workers best interests. Time will tell.

God help us. Dallet on the Supreme Court, no to eliminating the useless Treasurer position and these Mt Pleasant election results. This state and community are well on their way to being Detroit west.

Bucks will be lucky to finish 41-41. They'll make the playoffs as the 8th seed only because the only Eastern Conference teams are so horrible. They'll lose in 5 to Toronto. They play no defense and stand around watching Giannis on offense too much.

Wow, maybe the 10th district will finally rid itself of Dennis Wiser.

And wasn’t it a liberal judge who let this punk out on bond?

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