I hope these people are not all imports to Racine. The economy needs work.

It's not what you look like it's what you are capable of and where your heart is.

Go Horlick grads!!

It had got to be tons more to pay for a motel bill than to rent an apartment. Racine needs to find more living space for low income people. Glad to hear it will be redone.

Also, keep bus lines running to needed areas so people can get to work.

Get over it. How about a little safety for the students? Their HOA doesn't own the road.

Market rate is too expensive for this area. These apartments will be rented by out-of-town people. Why don't the people who negotiate these deals look into what people actually earn in Racine.

Which means too expensive for any Racine resident.

How about some affordable senior housing? Everyone needs a place to live.

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