Sad to hear, but glad the Racine store is surving.

Where are the people who can afford that rent in Racine? Offerings for most jobs would not cover the utilities.

Unforunately market rate is way too expensive for most living in Racine. Let's see if there really is a Foxconn.

Should keep a part of Racine trouble free. Skip the bar.

Should stay dry. Just means noise and problems. There was a reason West Racine went dry for many years.

The students need to be expelled. It is not teachers responsibility to raise students. Lack of discipline at home is the cause.

Will they hire more local people?

If you are younger you will have a much better chance getting hired after those skills are improved. Then when you have skills and are qualified you are told to dumby down your resume. Pretty insulting.

But when you get turned down for age or employers don't want to pay you that much is a different story. This is reality in Racine and not fake. Until Foxconn came along it seemed like no effort was made to get people educated or employed to be self-sustained. Then suddenly more education is…