News organizations like The Journal Times won't even call them illegals. Why? Because it's too close to the truth and they no longer report the truth.

ROFL. Maybe this was one time he should have been kneeling. Karma.

Brillianly said.


He should be paying for this advertisement.

Congiliago should be given an award for doing the job law enforcement should be doing. If they were not so lack in the enforcement of traffic laws the 19 year old wouldn't have thought she could get away with breaking the law. I would love to be on that jury to vote not guilty.

Granny had been smoking weed. Will undoubtedly vote for it's legalization also.

Only a non property owner could not see this as a tax increase. I'll be paying more property tax this year than last year. That certainly does make it a tax increase. When buying a TV I have a choice, when someone else determines that the value of my house has gone up, I don't have a choi…

And clearly a racist for feeling compelled to point out that he is a white guy.

Taxing a business based on it's inventory is the equivalent of taxing your home based on it's content. I can't believe any homeowner would be in favor of that. And stop calling it a loophole which is a bias term used to trigger negative thoughts on an issue and does nothing to advance the di…