The replacement will,in fact be Stormy Daniels, as Walker ,Supreme Leader of the Wisconson Natsi-Neho Regime of 01/07/2019 is and forever : DEbunked and Deranged.
How -Haw

but,but,but,but,but, Hillary.

Oh yeah ...he will most assuredly receive all Trump-Humper votes, I know for a fact.
They will be orgasmic ,with his wife ,notwithstanding.

That is kinda what happens when electing an imposter for Gov., like Walker who has no real formal education. Walker needs to go back to flipping off burgers and feeding his obese wife.

Another day ,yet another criminal of the Trump Crime Family which is reducing on a daily basis. Perhaps Trump"s vision of a Nasti -Nation,with all the racism, ain"t all that kool after all ???
Who the efff knew ?
Hew -Hin

What"s the difference numbnuts?

Recall was illegal ??? Who knew??? That is precisely why walker ,won.
You geezer, got your head on crooked ., Very disrespectfully...

The recall was corrupt ? Who knew ????
No wonder Walker whooped Barrett, those phony ballots in a Waukesha county poll worker"s trunk.
Too funny.

Better take that gig Mulevainy, you ain't never getting a job again., and don"t forget ::::
MAGA , Mueller Ain"t Going Anywhere.....
You know it...God knows it . Jesus knows it. The Heavenly Father knows it.
The Orange Carcass days are thinly numbered .
Ya'll know t…

johnnybragatti commented on Ammon: Comparing No. 41 with No. 45

MAGA Mueller Ain"t Going Anywhere.
He is Republican ......all the way.
Ain't he ?
hawss- hess.