Boner: There are no babies not being fed in this country.
Wally C: Do you even look at what you write?
SamusAran:Your right.There is no your life.Hope you come around soon.

Good for you people out there showing people what abortion really is.Its an inconvenience to h…

I come in peace.: most people are out of work! Idiot.



These voucher kids are not under the public school system. Idiots.

Zoo mom. RU only gives the voucher kids half of the $13000 it uses to teach that same child under unified a system. Unified loses that kid,but is allowed to keep that other half of the $13000 it didn't use. That is unexceptable!!!!!!!!!

Don't worry about the kids that choose to voucher out. Worry about those that stay,and fail under your public system.

jnj3225 commented on Man arrested after 100-mph chase

Public high school edukation;>

jnj3225 commented on Unified leaders mull referendum

Just worry about the kids that don't leave the system.

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