Okay, trump. Your motor cycle business acumen is on par with your knowledge of just about everything else you've failed at. Trump U, Trump Vodka, Trump Steaks, Trump CASINOS- you actually failed at a business where people gladly hand you their money knowing they probably won't get it back…

POLL: Should private employers raise insurance costs for their employees? YES, YES, YES, triple it, quadruple it... why do they think they deserve insurance anyway? Greed and entitlement is why.

I don't come around here very much anymore, but I see, shield, you're still a hate filled, low info, bigoted, moron.

Right, we don't want to hear hate filled, racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, homophobic and uneducated diatribes.

A large majority of UW-System employees have not had a raise in almost 9 years. The two proposed 3% raises will not even come close to the cost of living. For all the people who voted no, I truly hope you have a rotten holiday season. You're horrible people who deserve nothing but a lump of coal.

All lies! Robin Vos is a creepy, corrupt, voter fraud/election committing, slumlord, fake christian who employs illegal immigrants in his popcorn factory. Thanks to his slimy deal with Foxconn and the influx of new blue voters that will be employed there, he'll be voted out in short time. I …

I'd rather engage in a constructive conversation with you but, your mental capacity for logic is nonexistent and you have no ability for reasoning. Bottom line, you're an idiot.

You use a lot of big words that I'm sure you don't know the definition of, loser.

Attention everyone who commented so far: I'm sick of paying for you to loaf around all day and cry like children here at the JT. Either get a job or get out of Racine. Matter of fact, get out of Wisconsin. We don't need takers like you lazy, whiny, imbeciles.

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