Rebel- the white PC republicans conservative trump supporters coming for you on JT. They see no wrong in anything white conservatives do or say. They are the biggest threat to this city, state, and country. The hope and wish is more balanced thinking citizens will rise up and remove this …

Someone saying ok twice then shots fired... sounds like this cop committed murder and walked away.

Great it's about time. Racine is a very oppressive city for the African residents whom ancestors were stolen from Africa and brought to this stolen land from the original natives. Columbus and a host of other lying, stealing murderous thieves needs to be removed and if you don't like it p…

What a shame...this cop killed a youngman for a bike light. This officer also had a few things not working from faulty company issued equipment to his failure to activate the equipment that was issued. This police department provided this officer and im pretty sure all it's officer with t…

There it is I was waiting...Tortuga it's all about the money right? Wrong, to say a parent would like there child killed by the police for a Payday is disrespectful to all of us and should be to you. What a loser comment.

On this night his actions were riding a bike without lights. So now that can lead to being shot and killed by the police?

Dan42 and shield are Racine racist commenters on JT. Everyone JT have a story they are the first to comment especially shield. JT when are you going to clean up your site from racist like shield?

I agree with you 💯. This blade cuts both ways.

Oh you know why Mr. Perez they serve black and brown people's mostly.

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