Thanks for all the great food and the great entertainment. Your hard work is appreciated. We have enjoyed going there for decades. You will be missed!!

This corner of the county is growing with residential homes. Look how many houses have just been built at KR and Sheridan. Now this!!! Either residential or industrial NOT BOTH. Mount Pleasant has a very good tax base over here and the residents in this area do not want to see it, hear it, o…

Why is her house in her mothers name? James Fetek knew his daughter had gambling and cocaine problems. He was irresponsible for letting her near the law firm. He was complicit in this mess.

Is Morales here legally?

Leave the woman and her dogs alone and find something else to do.

Shield-maybe if you smoked some you’d relax.

iwouldbedreaming commented on Proposed archways could adorn Downtown Racine

To could?

This woman is a sicko! Lock her up!!
Enough with the slaps on the wrists!

Probably the same people who show up at the community center for free food driving their expensive cars and throw boxes and garbage all over the street.

He and his siblings have a problem with stopping at stop signs.

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