Huck Finn

What's more American than Baseball? A Chinese factory getting the job. Congrats boys, you're in the big time now.

not a single comment about this? We have sold out Wisconsin an d continue to sell to the highest bidder.

Legalize it and save prisons, courts, judges, and police for something serious.

I think it should be sampled by a panel so we can put this dog to bed. Are there any volunteers? White widow? OJ Kush? Ditch weed? Cheech and Chong's "Sister Mary Elephant" comes to mind.

Where do they come up with these inflated amounts of street value? Street value is half of the stated amount. More like 28,000. While that isn't chicken feed, it sure isn't 57,000.

This is really nothing more than setting another precedent to get the Johnson case preferential treatment as has been the case.

Foolishness. Go to Walmart and buy a manual air mattress air pump. It has the volume and pressure to activate the device. There are so may ways to cheat these devices, all you need to do is think.

To those that managed to debate without name calling, thank you. To those of you that find name calling is the only way to argue, you do your tea party a disservice.

Huck Finn commented on Commentary: Right the rules

After the Gerrymandering that went on to redraw the political districts, a lopsided partisan review is to be questioned. No good will come of this.

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