why do people feel the need to be dbags? Its Soldier field, if they don't want the Packers jersey then fine. Put freaking coat on.

harrystugats commented on Fisherman rescued after ice breaks

What do they catch in there?

No way I would send my kid to a government school school so she can be brainwashed into a socialist globalist rubbish. She was being a good parent.

Is "White Guy 177" 6saying people who don't watch FOX news enjoy career thugs, repeat offenders, armed dope dealers, and felons walking the street? Somehow I believe that, and that is the root problem.

Marijuana users should never again see the light of day. It IS a stepping stone drug, no doubt about it. In CO and all places it has been legalized, gang violence, addiction all other drugs have skyrocketed, not gone down as promised.

Not the dogs fault, shoot the owner.

If we have to build more prisons fine. Time to lock people up, or get out of Racine and kenosha where you cannot even walk the streets anymore.

Max sentences only. Time to prevent crime, save innocent people, and stop coddling criminals.

I don't understand increased patrols. Unless a person is weaving or doing something wrong, how do you know? Do they need more officers just to stake out bars or something? Are they expecting more reports of weaving than the normal staff can handle? Maybe they are going to abuse probable cause.

Lawsuit waiting to happen. I'm sure defense attorneys would be happy to donate.