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Republicans, Welfare for the rich!

Gong Show commented on Devine: Repairs for fire trucks

Only a Village like Mount Pleasant would rehire a clown like Stedman. At least Gary Feest has figured out Stedmans Bait and switch tactics. Unfortunately he is the one one on the board to figure this out.

Thank you Mayor Mason for turning our City around!

Republicans, welfare for the rich!

Republicans, welfare for the rich.

More lip service from another career politician. Enjoy your full retirement benefits and paid up healthcare for life.

One would think the costs would actually go down understaffing the ambulances and closing a station? Pretty easy making these cuts to public safety living an hour away in Waukesha.

I thought we voted the lame duck out of office?

Because Republicans worked so well with Democrats during Act 10.

Republicans, Welfare for the rich. No wonder why Scott hole was voted out?