About time. People, like those in the comments, just as soon not give any one a second chance. Let's lock them up forever!

Rodgers was the greatest for awhile. Now he doesn't see open guys and holds the ball too long, which I have been saying for a couple years. During the Broadcast Collingsworth said as much, "No one holds the ball for 3 seconds more than Aaron Rodgers."

THE JUDGE is to blame here. The courts once again failing to help the people!

How much have wages decreased?

"The Racine County Sheriff’s Department was assigned to investigate the case — standard procedure among agencies to avoid conflict of interest."

Might as well let them investigate themselves.

Let freedom ring! The STATE will tell you what you can smoke, and how much and who you can buy it from...if they let you smoke at all...

The party of no and obstruction was so much better during Obama....the right are ALWAYS hypocrites.

So they tell us. Just like with OBL, there is no evidence, and no body.

Marijuana stays int he system far longer then it hinders a persons reflexes, FAR LONGER.

The problem with inflation is eventually you run out of other people's money.

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