Mason had nothing to do with this, this a county park.

Anot5er useless rubber stamp alderperson hope he doesn't run

Silen... you should get from under your rock, people buy larger amounts then breaks it up and sells some so they can smoke free.

First I thought these questions were none binding. If the council sends a directive to the police chief on how to handle this situation, so what's next? We the citizens want the police to reduce crime but the council (Tate) wants to restrict them.
The argument regarding fines causing ha…

You need to fix society first. Parents (?) of the troublemakers believe it's the schools responsibility to teach them manners and respect. These parents will be the ones crying the loudest that their child is being wrongly blamed. There needs to some type of punishment that will wake up tho…

I'm glad that you blame it on the money. Sorry it's not, it's the parents that don't teach their kids to RESPECT teachers. They expect the schools to teach these trouble makers but can't do any form of discipline. NO amount of money will fix this.

Now Bryce can focus on paying child support and staying out of jail.

Poor deadbeat criminal Randy Bryce needs his mommy and ex-wife to plead with people to quit pickin on him. He sure is a prize, best them democrats can come with.

I firmly believe that the time and money spent was well spent. Teacher morale and students grades will be greatly improved due to this. Please remember these board members when their time is up for re-election.

Since most of the schools are subpar, they should actually increase the amount. Just think they could give teachers a big fat raise and that most certainly improve our students' grades. Remember numbers don't lie but liars use numbers.

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