Officer John Hetland, thank you for your selfish sacrifice and years of commitment service. May you RIP and blessings to your family - personal and all officers.

Thank you to all our LEOs for the sacrifice you make daily to protect us. To consider a career in LE, is nothing short of admiration for the daily sh$t you take from all different type of idiots. Please know at least our family appreciates and respects what you do!

Sounds like a weekend night on Live PD!

Shield...well said! Liberal JT at it again.

I'm sorry this happened to the young boy and the dog's owners are responsible. The article states the boy reached out to touch the dog and it lunged on him. I'll wait for judgment on euthanasia until all the facts are in. Most young children don't know how to approach an animal, not sayin…

Very selfless act, Adam! Awesome story and hope it shares to many the need of being an organ donor. Thank you!

Difficult to understand unless you have experienced homelessness. It can be no fault of your own or life's bad choices. Point is, this went on to long and Racine let it happen. Very sad...

Yep, can only imagine how you love him!!!

Sounds like a wonderful place. Look forward to visiting and good luck in your new endeavor!!

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